Jude is a specialised educator in canine nutrition, exercise therapy and is a qualified vet nurse. Her heart lies in providing holistic wellness for happy, healthy pets everywhere.

With a background in corrective exercise, nutrition & holistic lifestyle, Jude brings a special set of skills and understanding to the table for clients who need a practitioner who understands their needs and their goals.

Jude’s services include:

  • Canine Corrective exercise
  • Canine Nutrition
  • Canine Rehab from injury and surgery

Optimal pet health in 3 easy steps

Nurture, Nourish
& Thrive


Having a stronger, more flexible, more comfortable body means your dog can move around with greater ease, maintain their independence, leading to improved quality of life and keeping your pooch by your side for longer. We will guide you every step of the way to help your pet reach their rehabilitation goals sooner.


We can tailor a program on nutrition and health for your dog specific to their nutritional needs. Whether it be a puppy, working dog, sporty dog or couch potato, we've got you covered!

Can I slow my pets aging process?

Absolutely we can!
Who knows, with an improved exercise & nutrition regime, you may just be helping yourself in the process! Put your phone down and go and hang out with your dog, go through some exercises with them with some treats for rewards, enjoy the outdoors, stimulate your minds and your bodies. My goal for all my clients and their dogs is to live long happy lives together.

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Where the journey started

October 2010, little Carnage woke up with a slight limp which evolved into full paralysis of her hind legs and bladder. 

Examined by a spinal specialist vet in Brisbane, Carnage was diagnosed with having bulged seven discs which had damaged her spinal cord. Due to the severity of her condition the vet advised Carnage be put down, but that wasn’t an option for us.
Instead we underwent six weeks of recovery and physiotherapy where she maintained her “never give up” spirit, including the month following as she learnt to navigate a set of wheels.

With my love and her determination we were gifted an extra 5 years together before her passing in 2016. I believe she arrived in my life with a purpose.  My outlook changed, my career changed, my vision changed, all under her watch.  A small girl with a massive impact.

Set your puppy up for life!

Let us help you integrate a new puppy into the family by creating a deep, happy, stress-free experience for yourself, your family and the new fur baby.

the dog
a bone!

What is fresh feeding?

As humans gain better insight into the effects certain foods have on the health and wellbeing of their dogs, many pet owners are taking a closer look at food options and weighing the pros and cons of each food type. 

There are many advantages to feeding a dog the raw food diet, which consists primarily of raw, meaty bones, as well as a smaller percentage of supplementary fruit, vegetables, eggs, organ meat and other supplements.  A primary advantage is that dogs prone to allergies particularly thrive on this diet because the majority of allergens such as soy, corn, wheat, and other grains are eliminated. Additionally, consumers have complete control over the ingredients and quality of the meat being purchased, which reduces the risk of a dangerous food recall. In comparison to other food types, the raw diet can lead to improved dental health, as chewing on bones naturally cleans teeth.

A home prepared diet is beneficial for:
• specific dietary restrictions
• avoiding poor-quality ingredients
• non-GMO ingredients
• optimal nutrient composition 

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Jude McMinn's vast experience and her passion for pets health and happiness guarantee you'll get all the resources needed to give your pet a wonderful life.


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